Thursday, February 20, 2020

Dirt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dirt - Essay Example We can also find in this essay the reasons the earth are suffering from disasters and destructions. Above all it will present the reasons we need to give importance to dirt. From the very beginning, man and dirt had been together on their travel even during the creation and evolution of the earth. Man is a compound of matter and mind. Man is formed from the dust of the ground, so man is a dust and to dust he shall return. A man’s material part is dust from the soil. Man’s mission in this respect is to draw out the capabilities of the soil to support by its produce the large number of his race and to always give importance to it but as generations to generations had come, this mission was forgotten. Dirt! The Movie, introduces viewers to dirt’s interesting history. It shows that religion around the world share the theme that man’s origin is in the dirt. That from this origin it has to be given importance and living with it. Christians, Jewish and Muslim customs, traditions and beliefs share the story that God formed man from dust and breathe the breath of life and the man became a living being. The film recommends that the connection of the natural world to human is outside the range of overseeing and protecting of dirt considered as worth caring for and preserving to interconnectivity and a profound spiritual connection. The movie also introduces that four billion years of the process of development, it has made dirt which supplies man with shelter, dirt that provides food and dirt that recycles water. It has also given man things that can be used for fuel, medicine, ceramics, flowers, cosmetics, and color, in other words, dirt has given man everything for manâ⠂¬â„¢s survival. Human beings knew and understood the intimate bond with dirt and the nature. Human beings took care of the soil that took care of human beings back. But as the years went by, man has lost that connection and eventually

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Chisholm Trail and Its Role In The Cattle Industry Research Paper

The Chisholm Trail and Its Role In The Cattle Industry - Research Paper Example This paper declares that the Chisholm Trail suffered as well. With barbed wire defining the boundaries of ranch lands, the trails were soon feeling cramped . It received a temporary reprieve in 1880 from competition on the western trails that led more directly to Dodge City, when rail service was extended to Caldwell, Kansas, and once again there was a temporary boom. However, it was apparent that the route was declining, and it would soon be silent forever. To the cattle industry, the Chisholm Trail was responsible for more than just driving the steers to market. Towns had been built and grown because of it. It had caused the upswing of meat-packing plants in Chicago and Kansas City, and had even caused rage in Europe when businessmen became irate that their markets were being flooded with American beef. This paper makes a conclusion that by 1885, fenced-in ranching replaced the way of life that had been known on the open range and trails. Though the Chisholm Trail soon grew quiet, and it would never know again the thunderous sound of cattle at its crossings. The Chisholm Trail carries a legacy that has come to symbolize the heyday of the cattle industry and the era of the cowboy, and neither time, nor change, nor the invention of barbed wire can upset the place that it holds in the hearts of those descended from the cowboys, trail bosses, guides, and chuck wagon cooks that once rode along its routes.